facial waxing & tinting

the best semi-permanent way to remove unwanted hair. we use a high quality berodin wax. results can last up to 6 weeks before you will need another appointment.

what to expect:

prior to you wax treatment, one of our certified and experienced technicians will ask you some questions to insure this service is right for you.

during this service you will lay on one of our cozy beds while the technician uses a hard wax to remove any unwanted facial hair.

tinting is a treatment where a light dye is applied to your eyebrows or eyelashes. the colour can last up to eight weeks. during this service, one of our technicians will ask you what colour you would like, then gently and precisely apply the tint to the hair. this service can take up to thirty minutes.


eyebrow shaping $18

lip & chin $30

lip or chin $18

full face $40

eyebrow shaping & tinting $30

eyebrow tint $18

eyelash tint $25

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