giving back

giving back to our community, to our country, and to our world is very important‚Äč to all of us at le petit lapin boutique.

the main goal when starting this company was to create a safe, educational, fun, and encouraging workplace for women in our community, but it doesn't stop there.

we have made it a top priority to give back whenever we can, so we have many ways that you can help us do this.

the first is by choosing us! when you choose to support le petit lapin boutique, you are supporting young women entrepreneurs and the locals who live in Sidney BC.

the second is by purchasing one of our new women-inspired shirts. these shirts have been designed by us for you. a portion of this purchase will go to the Canadian Women's Foundation.

the third is by purchasing one of our 4Ocean bracelets. a portion of this purchase will go to the 4Ocean non-profit solution to cleaning and protecting our oceans.

the fourth is by donating to one of our chosen causes. we are currently supporting a 7 year old girl in Uganda named Bridget. you too can sponsor a child by clicking the Plan International logo below.

the fifth is by leaving your used lash extension brush with us if you don't need it. we send all of our used lash brushes to Wands for Wildlife, an organization that uses old mascara brushes to tend to small wild animals.

thank you so much for supporting us!

we bet you never thought you'd be making a difference in the world by getting your lashes done did you?

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