we are so excited to introduce and welcome

Lovely Brows by Olivia Cload to Le Petit Lapin Boutique!

Olivia is three times certified in cosmetic eyebrow tattooing and is the first (and only) to perform the technique, nanoblading in all of Sidney and on the Peninsula.

nanoblading (also known as "machine micropigmentation") is a semi-permanent eyebrow treatment that uses a combination of ultra-fine nano needles and pigment to mimic the diameter and dimension of a real hair stroke on the skin.


why choose nanoblading over microblading?

nanoblading creates the finest hair strokes with the least amount of skin trauma. it heals faster and is suitable for all skin types. it is less invasive and uses needles rather than a blade.


the pricing of your service will be determined at your consultation. 

initial treatment: $500

touch up from initial treatment: complimentary

annual refresh: $300-$400

if you are interested in booking this service or if you have any questions about nanoblading, please fill out the contact form below. 

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