4 Steps To BOMB Lashes

November 21, 2017


















Have you ever seen a photo in a magazine or on online of someone with gorgeous thick long lashes that look like they were hand sculpted to perfection by a greek goddess?

Well I have, and let me tell you honey - there is no mascara on the market (including the holy grail known as Sephora) that is capable of that same bold and big lash look. False strip lashes you apply yourself are great.. Let's be honest though, they are actually just as hard if not more hard to put on than trying to apply an even amount of eyeliner on both eyes. Photoshop is great, except for when you have to go out in public and are no longer able to hide behind a screen. So how do you get those same great lashes? I'll tell you..

Step 1: Throw out that 6 month old mascara that you've been clinging to for dear life. While you're at that, throw out any other expired make up or facial products that aren't oil free. Why? - Because I said so. No, actually because expired/oily beauty products can be very damaging to your skin and eyelashes. You wouldn't eat or drink expired food, so why would you use expired beauty products on your smoking hot body!? On the back of your beauty products, there is a tiny little open jar with a number of months written on it. That means, once you open that product - its only good for as many months as listed on it. So mark your calendar for when its time to toss that sucker. Often harsh oil is used in beauty products as a filler, which causes your products to breakdown throughout the day and smear/flake across your pretty face. The oil fillers are pore clogging and cause breakouts. Ain't nobody got time for that!


Step 2: Decide what type of lashes you're wanting. 

 If you're wanting something more natural looking with more length than your natural lashes, we recommend you book a full set of classic lashes. It's like wearing mascara, but way better because you don't have to apply it or worry about it smudging throughout your busy day. With classic lashes, a single synthetic or silk lash is glued on to a single one of your natural lashes. If you're wanting a very glamorous and fluffy look, we suggest a full volume set of lashes. A volume set is when multiple synthetic or silk lashes are made into what we call a fan and then applied to a single natural lash. Lastly, there is a third option which is called a hybrid set. It's a combination of a classic and volume lashes for a bold baby glam lash look (My personal favourite). 

Step 3: Great! Now that you know what you want... Book an Eyelash Extension appointment! Your appointment doesn't have to be here at Le Petit Lapin Boutique (but I mean - it probably should be because we are the best at what we do). Any certified and trusted Eyelash Technician will do, but be sure to do your research, not every lash technician is certified in all three sets of lashes like we are. (You can read our glowing reviews on our Facebook page) You wouldn't go to an uncertified Doctor (I hope) so why would you go to an uncertified Eyelash Technician. I know you're thinking 'Did she really just relate how important a certified Doctor is to an certified Eyelash Technician?'. Oh Yes I did! You're going to be trusting someone with potentially dangerous products if used incorrectly. If you are going to an educated professional, you are in no danger what so ever! The application of eyelash extensions should be relaxing and pain-free! That being said.. Good quality is not cheap. 

 Step 4: GO TO YOUR EYELASH APPOINTMENT. (Bring a picture of the desired lashes to show your lash technician.) Your tech will give you aftercare instructions to keep your lashes happy and healthy, FOLLOW THEM CLOSELY because your lash life depends on them (figuratively and literally). Lastly, prebook your next appointment and the one after that! To keep your lashes looking fabulous and flawless, they need some regular maintenance/ upkeep every 2-3 weeks. 

 BONUS: Be your fabulous self! With lashes, you're going to wake up looking and feeling even MORE beautiful than ever. Everyone is going to ask you about how you got those amazing perfect lashes, and you should generously share your secret of where you go. Tell all of your friends and even strangers on the street, most studios will reward you for referrals which usually means better savings for you! (We have a loyalty & a referral program to our wonderful peeps!) 

Thanks for reading! 




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