Why Misencil?

December 5, 2017




There are so many lash extension companies to choose from these days, it can be hard to decide which one is the best for our customers. 

Let me tell you why we've picked Misencil for our lash extension needs.



As you may have read in previous posts, we love supporting local and Canadian companies. Why search far and wide when you have the BEST right in your backyard?

Misencil was created by a power-couple team in Terrebonne, Montreal in 2006. Since then, this lash extension/beauty business has expanded to new lash extension techniques and fashion accessories. Love it!



Misencil's unique lash extension application technique is known for it's precision and natural lash care. If extensions are applied incorrectly, they can weigh down the natural lash which causes breakage :(  You do not have to worry about that with Misencil qualified lash technicians! 

Misencil Academy travels all over Canada to teach their superior lash application and aftercare. You never have to take lash breaks with this technique! 




We are so impressed with the Misencil lash-care products, and so are our clients. It is very important to take good care of your lashes extensions.

But how can you do this?


Misencil's Lash Shampoo to the rescue!

This foamy essential is one of our favourite products. With apple stem cells to improve cell renewal, it cleans and strengthens your eyelash extensions while promoting growth of existing lashes.


Le Serum is another must-have Misencil product. This lash growth serum won The Innovation Award 2017 in Paris, France for it's amazing 3 week lash & brow growth results! No need to worry about questionable side-affects from other lash growth products out on the market. I have tried and tested Le Serum myself, and can personally say: "Wow!" 


Lots of make-up is usually a "no-no" with lash extensions, but we know their are beauties out there who cannot keep away from the dramatic mascara and eyeliner look! We totally get it! So, Misencil's lash extension compatible eyeliner and mascara is perfect for you!

We love how gentle the formula is. No need to scrub this makeup off at the end of the day. Warm water is all you need to remove any eyeliner or mascara from your lash line.

Lash-compatible makeup means less lash extension funerals........ 



There's nothing worse than crispy low-quality lash extensions or glue that lasts no longer than a weekend. Take it from a lash tech, good glue and lashes can be hard to come by!

We love that Misencil lashes are made from hypoallergenic fibres and don't contain any harsh chemicals. They are soft and light weight, so they will last longer and feel more natural. All of Misencil's glue is especially formulated for eyelash extensions and does not contain any harsh or unnecessary chemicals either.



Basically, we enjoy working with a company that cares about their client's as much as we do. We often tell our clients, take good care of your lashes and they'll take care of you ;) When Misencil is involved, you can be sure your lashes are in good hands! 


Check out misencil.com for more information on this amazing company!


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