LASH Things We've ALL Felt

February 27, 2018




If you've ever had eyelash extensions.... You've definitely felt or thought about a few of these.... 





1. What's the first thing you say to your lash technician? Mine is usually 'Help me, I need eyelashes'.


2. I can't be the only person who feels like two different people when I have lashes vs when I do not... The sass is only activated when my lashes are on.












3. It's a very unfortunate thing when you thought your extensions could last another week before your fill... but now you're stuck with only a few stragglers left and the cost of a full set.

Heart breaking.



4. When BAE starts getting suspicious about how your lashes grew so long and fluffy... and where all your money goes... Hmmm.





5. Or when you decide to take a lash break right after the start of a new relationship.. Oops.



6. I think I want just a very natural and soft set this time...

OH never mind, just make them so glam I can bat my eyes to cause a small wind storm.


7. There is no such thing as lashes too long... only sunglasses that are too close to my face!


8. Start the car!!!! Quick before the boss starts asking why you're going to the dentist for the second time this week.


9. Me before bed when I've got my sweats on, hair up with a glass wine while hitting next episode on the current Netflix series I'm bingeing on.




10. Annnd this is usually me the next morning... Sorry, not sorry.



11. I have mixed feelings about this one. Either your are blessed with long natural lashes which I hate you for... OR you are severally missing out and need Aladdin to show you a whole new world.


 12. When it's a windy day outside and you feel the breeze....




Thank you for reading! Hope you got a giggle out of this.. Ok bye!









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