February 20, 2018

Let's make one thing very clear, I believe that there is NO moving FORWARD without GIVING BACK.

And I want Le Petit Lapin Boutique to reflect that belief, so our team has found the perfect jewelry company to help us do that.


The Giving Keys




 "The Giving Keys, inspires the world to pay it forward. EVERY product you purchase from The Giving Keys supports job creation for people who are transitioning out of homelessness."


We stumbled upon this company while we were searching for jewelry companies with a purpose greater than making $$$.

I love supporting local businesses, and our Statement Grey jewelry (Vancouver BC) is perfect for that.

Unfortunately, I had a difficult time finding a local jewelry company that does what The Giving Keys (located in Los Angeles US) does so beautifully.

But, I also believe that our "community" extends on a greater scale, and isn't just the town or city we live in.

If we can help anyone, anyone at all, find their way in this world, we aspire to do so.



Essentially, each product from The Giving Keys features a word. You choose the word that speaks to YOU personally.

The Giving Keys asks that you embrace your word, wear it proudly, and pass it on. You can physically give your featured word to someone who may need it, or you can pass it along by explaining what it means to you.


I wear a beautiful bracelet from The Giving Keys featuring the word BRAVE.

I chose this word, not because I am brave, but because I need to be reminded on a daily basis TO BE BRAVE. And it does remind me. Every time someone asks me about my bracelet, I get to opportunity to tell them about my journey, my struggles, and my hopes for the future.



There are so many different styles and words to choose from. At Le Petit Lapin Boutique, we carry the words:









These words are printed on key necklaces (large & small keys), mini key bracelets, and earrings. We are excited to carry more of their styles and words soon.

But for now, we're just excited to promote such a fantastic concept.



The Giving Keys jewelry makes the perfect gift for any occasion. If you're going to buy something for someone special, why not give on a grander scale at the same time?

The Giving Keys in so much more than jewelry so take a minute to check out their story and mission:




For the rest of February, if you tell us what your feature word would be in the comment section below, we will give you 15% OFF your very own The Giving Keys at Le Petit Lapin Boutique :)


Thank you for reading, and thank you for supporting us as we attempt to make a small difference in the world.




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