March 6, 2018

We are very excited to introduce this month's



Jessica Watters

From Jessica Watters Photography

There are so many photographers on Vancouver Island, and we're happy to promote one who is very passionate about what she does and is a total boss babe!


Jessica's fascination with photography started in a high school art class. She was amazed by dark room photos at the time and has since developed her own wedding & family photography business.


Jessica admits that it can be difficult to define your unique style as a photographer. She explains, "every photographer needs to find her or his own style"

She tries to encourage her clients to forget that a camera is even in the room so she can capture the most genuine photos possible.

Jessica is most passionate about wedding & family photography and offers a wide range of elements in every shoot.

She takes time to develop a relationship with her clients and often keeps in touch after the main event.

 Although she is fairly new to the business world, Jessica excels when it comes to creative and exciting new techniques.


Every new client of Jessica Watters Photography will learn that it isn't just about getting your photos on a USB stick. Jessica works hard to provide great quality work that you will want on your walls and in complimentary albums in your home.


"I want to create heirlooms for their families to cherish for many years to come." -Jessica


 Jessica guarantees her photos to withstand the test of time. 

Every photo is colour-checked and printed from high-quality professional printers.


Finding a reasonably priced photographer can be difficult. Jessica offers a mid-range price point which can be easier on the budget when it comes to weddings, engagement, and family photo shoots.


The kind of passion and humility that Jessica brings to each of her sessions is hard to come by.

One thing we truly love about her, is her supportive nature in the competitive photography world. She really does seek to uplift and help other photographers whenever she can.

We need more women in business like this.



I've worked with Jessica personally, and can attest to her detail-oriented nature, bubbly personality, and absolutely stunning photos.


Check out her website to see more of her work!

You can also follow her on Instagram & Facebook. 


Jessica has generously offered us a PROMO for this month's Boss Babe post:



(Valid until December 2018)



Just let her know you read this post to receive these discounts!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read about this month's


At Le Petit Lapin Boutique, we believe that it's important to support local women in business. We relish in the success of hard-working, passionate women and enjoy promoting them.

To learn more about Jessica Watters Photography go to:


Or follow her on facebook & instagram.





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